According to me.

I am a huge Disney Fan and have been for decades. Disneyland is my favorite place to visit, I enjoy the classic films from the vaults and look forward to some of the new animations.  I am thrilled to have Star Wars as part of Disney. And when I leave the house, I have a Mickey Mouse backpack.

This blog is about Disney but from my point of view. While I am a stock holder, it doesn't mean I agree with everything The Walt Disney Company does.  If there is something cool, I am going to talk about it, if there is something I don't like I will speak my mind.

There are no goals here, just to share my thoughts with some others that are into Disney like me. Perhaps at times we'll create a dialog about a specific subject.  You might not agree with me, I won't agree with you.  But this is my blog so it is from my point of view.  Opinions are respected here.

Over time I will go back to some of my Disney experiences so the timeline here will be forever moving back and forth.

Most of all this is for fun.



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