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May Day 2018 and I was at Disneyland.  PixarFest was going on so I thought I would take the time and check out this new event at Disneyland. Driving up from San Diego I didn't hit the park until after 11am.  The crowds were still manageable and I was able to ride several of the E-ticket attractions including The Haunted Mansion and Splash Mountain that were closed in the Winter on my last visit.

Splash Mountain is one of my favorites, especially the early part of the ride cruising in the log looking over the Rivers of America. I used the Singer Rider Line so the wait was next to nothing.  The referb seems to have lightened up the character scenes some but it moves pretty fast when going through the show part of the attraction.  It took several times before I was able to use my FastPass as The Haunted Mansion was closed for technical reason each time I would return.  But once on, was great to see the original version. Seems most of the time to come Disneyland it is the Halloween v…

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