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When people visit Disneyland they most often think about the attractions, the parades, fireworks or standing in line!  Over the years some of my best times have including good meals at both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure.

For years it was having a burger and fries at The Hungry Bear in Critter Country.  Coming from the Pacific Northwest there was something about having comfort food at the edge of the river surrounded by trees.  When the Mark Twain came steaming by it was as if I wasn't in the middle of a major metro city! 

A few years ago, I went to Cafe Orleans and well this became my favorite place!  What did it was the New Orleans Gumbo.  It was savory and rich with many flavors and hints of spice that didn't overwhelm the taste.  My first taste was in a crepe and I wanted more.  My next visit I had it in a bowl to get only the Gumbo and it was even better. 

It took me a while but I got the recipe from Disneyland and made it at home one Christmas and gave my fa…

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